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6º Republic Event

WeDecorateSL(WithPassion) in collaboration with Fanatik & NotsoBad presents: 

6º Republic is a new decor and landscaping event showcasing a broad selection of designers in one place with the creativity, passion and uniqueness to provide us with exclusive 100% original mesh creations inspired in the theme selected for each round.

This event will run twice a year, in May & November, featuring a diverse group of designers whom every year provide amazing creations with superior quality bringing us closer to achieve our decorating desires.

▪ Designers ▪

Invite Only

▪ Bloggers / Decorators ▪

Each round the list gets renewed offering the opportunity to other people interested in working with us. There's a small group that stays as part of the team because of their extraordinary coverage throughout every edition since 6R started. 
If you think you have what it take to join our Press Team, make sure to follow our different social media platforms for when we announce applications are open.

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Second Life - 6º Republic Event